A Beautiful Response

A Lao Tzu Poem

One of my favorite things about writing this blog is the responses I receive from you all via email. A few weeks ago, I shared a post with you called “The Flexible Oak,” and an old friend responded with something remarkable: this beautiful poem by Lao Tzu.


newborn – we are tender and weak

in death – we are rigid and stiff

living plants are supple and yielding

dead branches are dry and brittle

so the hard and unyielding belong to death

and the soft and pliant belong to life

an inflexible army does not triumph

an unbending tree breaks in the wind

thus the rigid and inflexible will surely fail

while the soft and flowing will prevail


Let that encourage us to be flexible in our mindset.

Thank you for responding with this, Frank; I hope all of you will always feel welcome to respond to these posts. Just comment here, or email me! I’d love to hear form you.