Do You Believe Anything is Possible for 2020?

Do You Believe Anything is Possible for 2020?Can you believe it? Here we are again! Sitting on the edge of another New Year!

Did 2019 go the way you planned?

So what do you have in the works for 2020? Something big?! Survival? More of the same? Something completely different? I’m not asking about resolutions; resolutions, they say, have a short shelf life and fail by January 15. I’m asking about goals – things you are actually going to do.

Remember, we tend to find exactly what we’re looking for – so be clear on what you are looking for. After all, the year will happen with or without your engagement. This time next year, you will be 366 days older (2020 is a leap year!). Will you be 366 days wiser? Time’s moving, so you might as well take the helm and steer the leadership of 2020 your way.

Let me remind you of one BIG change that will make a ginormous difference:


More specifically, switch from what you are trying to avoid to what you are trying to attract. Avoiding something doesn’t automatically mean you achieve its opposite. I saw a sign that said: “Hate has no business here!”  I love the sentiment, and of course we all get the meaning, but what are the big action words? “Hate” and “No.” What DOES have business there? If what we really want more of is Love and Yes, then say that. “YES! Our business here is LOVE!” Or “Join us if you want to give and experience LOVE.”

Years ago, some of you will remember, my daughter did a science experiment studying the impact of positive and negative words on strawberries. Yes, really. She found that words of hate and negativity simply written on a piece of paper and placed near a strawberry would cause actual mold up to twice as fast as words of love and compliment placed next to them. She’s found an actual causal relationship! Culture tries to tell us words don’t really matter, you know that whole “Sticks and stone.. but words…” thing. But the truth is, they matter deeply. They can physically hurt us. They don’t draw blood like a stick, for sure, but they can cut us deeper inside where the wounds affect our actions and belief in ourself and what is possible. That’s why we tend to tone it down instead of amping it up. Instead of saying things like:

“I don’t want to fail this year.” (Which says nothing about success)
“I can’t lose this deal!” (Doesn’t mean you will win under the terms you desire)
“I won’t give up…” (So what WILL you do?)
“I have to lose weight.” (Really? Says who? And how much, 10oz?)

Say what you really mean, what you really want, and what will invariably be more powerful:

“I will succeed.” (Then define what that means)
“I am the best solution for this prospect.” (Name the reasons why)
“I will make 10 calls a day to reach my goal!” (Now we’re getting somewhere)
“I will walk 10 minutes a day 5 days a week.” (I love the specificity!)

The more specific you get, the better you become. And if you haven’t seen this, take 4:47 to watch the power of the word “Beautiful” and how it effects people. You will be glad you did.

How we talk to ourselves and others really does matter.


Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash