The idea that if you’re nervous you don’t have confidence is patently false. Remember: courage is not the absence of fear (or nervousness); courage is action in spite of the fear. 

In fact, I would go so far as to say: If you’re not nervous, that can actually be concerning — it can mean you have a level of disconnect from the importance and the risks at hand. I think people often misinterpret this, saying to me confidence should be without nervousness, but that’s not true. Nervousness can empower our confidence and improve our performance if harnessed as a tool rather than turned against us as a weapon. Judging yourself for being nervous is a dead-end street, so leave the judgement out, and instead ask this question: What are you nervous about? Is it letting people down? Losing? Looking silly, or stupid?

Confidence relies on nervousness to understand whatever hurdles or obstacles might lie ahead. To a confident person, nervousness isn’t a negative — nervousness is an insight.

Use that insight to your advantage.