In my time using the CVI with clients, I’ve come to realize something interesting. When you connect your primary value with your secondary, you get TRUST. Or, to put it another way, in order for your two values to work together, you absolutely need trust.

If you’re a Merchant, in order to be able to sit in your TRUTH as well as your LOVE, you need full trust. You need trust that your truth will be accepted without risking the love of the relationship. What’s more, successfully doing that actually builds trust. It’s a beautiful cycle. 

The secondary value, essentially, is a dimmer switch. If you reduce truth for a Merchant, you lower your ability to show up in love. Trust, therefore, is the canary in the coal mine — it indicates what’s getting in the way of one’s inability to show up as the presence of truth. You could say the same for all quadrants.

For a Builder: If I don’t have trust in my Faith in Myself, I can’t show up in Power. If they don’t know what to do but feel like they’re supposed to, they can’t trust their faith in themselves.

For a Banker: If I can’t trust that my Knowledge is being used Justly, I can’t show up with that Knowledge. 

For the Innovator: If I can’t trust in my ability to be Compassionate, I can’t stand in my Wisdom.

Trust indicates where we’re going to hit a rub — if we can find where we’re having trust issues, we can ask better questions and get to a better dialogue.

Photo by Kaikara Dharma on Unsplash