Leadership is Heresy

Historically, the purest form of leadership is heresy. And, the purest leaders are heretics.

The New Face of Leadership... is Yours!


Steven is passionate about helping others seize their inner leader. Make your next event more than just a getaway. Bring your team to the next level with Steven’s no-holds barred, honest and relevant keynotes that will encourage, enliven, and elevate each individual in their personal and professional lives. Steven’s dynamic and unique style connects deeply with audiences in fresh and memorable ways—where most speakers bring a message that lasts a day, Steven’s words will be ringing in your team’s ears long after the conference doors close.


Looking to take your team even deeper? Go further than a keynote with Steven’s trademark HUMAN Strategies™, LifeQuest Mapping™, 10 Point Leadership Triangle™ & CVI: The Core Value Index™¹ workshops. Here your team will deepen their focus, develop new levels of collaborations, and directly improve all aspects of performance through taking personal ownership as a leader at every level. In a format unlike any other training of its kind, these in-depth, dynamic, and exciting programs will leave everyone on your team with a clear vision for their future and a literal map of their life goals. Learn more!

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Eager for the next step? Going through a challenging transition? Stuck in a never-ending plateau? Steven’s unique ability to cut right through the distractions will give you the laser-focus you need to take your own personal leadership to the next level. In one-on-one sessions with Steven, you’ll be able to discover the goals you’ve had all along but could never quite visualize &/or achieve. Coaching is not about telling you what to do–it’s about helping you discover what it is you want to do, clarifying what you are willing to do to get there and giving you the tools to hit the mark, whether that’s in your career or your own personal development.

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