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Steven Fulmer - Speaker, Trainer, Coach, AuthorHow do you define the word ‘leader’? Does it depend on your title? Your salary? Your scope of power? If so, then why have we all experienced “leaders” who have demonstrated epic failures in leadership? The way I see it, leadership is something deeper than that. Leadership is a behavior, an attitude, an action that sets you in motion through conscious choice. It’s a mindset; perhaps even a lifestyle. The kind of lifestyle that affects every part of your world. That kind of leadership has the potential to change your world.

Think about it. What if you lived your life with the belief that you are your own greatest leader?  What would that mean? What could you do?

You won’t be able to change the past, but you could design your future. The biggest difference you can make in your world is through your choices and how you engage with others. The biggest difference you can make in your own life is through your beliefs and how you engage with yourself! What does it mean to stand up for what you believe? To have big dreams and pursue them holistically?

What does it mean to be a leader?

When I was sixteen I started my first business. By thirty-five I was VP of a software company that I instrumental in growing from $300,000 to $10 million. In my life, I have achieved almost every dream I set my mind to, including being the first in my family to graduate from college, driving across the country, learning to fly an airplane, skiing in the Alps, learning to sail, owning a sailboat, traveling to Russia, falling deeply in love, creating a beautiful family, and identifying my life purpose.  In my 30+ year career there’s one truth I’ve come across again and again and again: Each and every person has the capacity for incredible leadership over their own life.

Unfortunately, not everyone seems to realize this.

That’s why I speak, write, train and coach. I want to see you and your employees thrive, and I believe there is one deceptively simple way to get there: personal leadership.

Your leadership affects every area of your life. Your leadership can draw in and build up everyone around you. Your leadership can help you discover your own goals for your life and build a solid, practical path to achieve them. That’s the kind of leadership I’m passionate about developing, and that’s the growth I want to see in you.

Take a minute to explore the site or contact me to find out how I can best serve you and/or your team. I can’t wait to hear from you!

– Steven Fulmer


Steven is currently a member of the National Speaker’s Association and the International Coach Federation, past president ICF Oregon and a graduate of The Coaches Training Institute.

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