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OK, so you get it.  Everybody is a leader, blah, blah, blah…  But the truth is, not everyone behaves like a leader and that’s what we seek to change.  There are true Leaders who behave and act like leaders and can make things happen regardless of their title or position. There are pretend Leaders who may actually have a title but fail to lead, often sitting around letting things happen around them instead of actually leading.  Then there are the unaware Leaders who don’t yet realize they are actually a leader who “go with the flow waiting for others to tell them what to do and sometimes wondering “what the heck just happened!”

Through the concrete application of dynamic programs like The HUMAN Strategies™, The 10-Point Leadership Triangle, The Core Values Index™¹ and personal development programs like LifeQuest Mapping™ we will bring Multiple-Dimensions of Leadership to life with dynamic models and tools that will meet leaders where they are, and give them a roadmap for how to move forward.

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“What an awesome business concept! Mr. Fulmer is right on queue with how I want to take my sales team to the next level!”

– George K. Chung, Sales Manager, Ron Tonkin Dodge

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Training Programs

HUMAN Strategies™

The 5 Dynamic Principles of Leadership, Communication & Decision Making Skills

H.U.M.A.N. Strategies™ is the foundation of Steven’s work as a speaker, facilitator and coach. It is a dynamic, humanistic approach to personal and professional leadership, communication and effective decision making skills.

Based on the five core principles listed below, H.U.M.A.N. Strategies™ seeks to empower people and organizations by tapping into the humanistic qualities of leadership that drive choices, form dreams, conquer fears, inspire actions and connect people with the larger mission to achieve their highest potential.

H.U.M.A.N. Strategies™ has been highly received by Fortune 500 companies, Academics, Non-Profits and Religious organizations alike; from CEO’s to sales teams, from administrative staffs to students, from middle management to executive directors… anyone looking for the strategies necessary to engage, inspire and empower people or themselves to believe anything is possible and achieve the results would benefit from this program.

  • Honor the person
  • Understand perspectives
  • Manage reactions
  • Attract desired results
  • Negotiate solutions

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Discover Yourself & the Personality of Others

Let’s face it; human capital is the single most valuable, expensive and often misunderstood resource in an organization. Too many leaders, managers and people think it’s the other person’s responsibility to adapt to them. Yet, outrageous success comes from the ability of a person/leader to connect with others. And 99% of that barrier comes from themselves.

The CVI™, or Core Values Index, created by Taylor Protocols Inc., is a revolutionary assessment, which wipes away behavioral and contextual questions and enables you to understand your deepest core self and how you experience, engage with and respond to the people and world around you.

This knowledge leads to stronger relationships in every area of life, personally & professionally, and leads to achieving your highest and greatest contributions. In this program I offer the opportunity for each member to take this revolutionary assessment coupled with an intensive workshop to unpack, understand and effectively apply the content and knowledge to your life, business, career and/or relationships.

Experience the Core Values Index™ and discover your innate core values, your wired-in Human Operating System™, your six types of contribution, your negative conflict strategies, and your deepest fears. Then it will become a doorway into your understanding and engagement of others. The assessment itself takes less than ten minutes and provides a powerful and detailed report to discover such insights as:

  • What causes you to conflict with others
  • What values you base a majority of your decisions upon
  • Why you make the same mistakes over and over
  • How you can improve your relationships with others

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The 10-Point Leadership Triangle™

A Dynamic Model for Mastering & Implementing the 3-Dimensions of Leadership

  • What if you could connect with and turn around the most difficult of employees?
  • What if you could engage your team to perform at record levels?
  • What if you & your team could reach the end of the year feeling the happiest and most successful you have felt in years?

How would that change the work you do, the clients you serve and the people you lead?

Leadership can be one of the most difficult skills to cultivate because too many people look for a one-dimensional solution to a three-dimensional problem.

The 10-Point Leadership Triangle brings the 3-Dimensions of Leadership to life with a dynamic 3-D model that allows leaders to meet people where they are, and gives them a roadmap for how to move forward.

The mistake most leaders make is the belief that all they need is a compelling vision and an articulate message. “Show the people where we are going, remove the obstacles, create the plan and be clear about the accountability measures and everything will work just fine.” Too bad that classic approach is more often an example of Benevolent Dictatorship, missing several core elements that shift it to true and compelling Leadership.

With The 10-PLT you shift the way leaders see their team and gain a new sense of perspective. It might even have you believing again in the beauty and power of dreams.

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LifeQuest Mapping™

Dynamic Tools to Navigate, Empower & Engage Yourself & Others

Would you drive in a new city without at least a cursory glance at a map or asking for directions; or, attempt to sail to Hawaii without a peek at a chart? Probably not. So why approach something as valuable as your life, your career and your future without a way to check your coordinates and get you back on track if you get lost, or a way of figuring out how to get to a new destination or around lengthy delays caused by construction?

LifeQuest Mapping™ is a dynamic seminar providing practical skills for learning from your past, reading the road signs of your own life and creating a map of possibilities. A unique, interactive program, LifeQuest Mapping™ provides essential tools, insights and methods for powerful decision making, to guide you when you’re lost and help you towards your new destination. Using unique ways of looking at and experiencing your life, along with a little humor, you will literally build a map for your life.

LQM is for the explorer and the reluctant explorer alike. It’s about helping people achieve their vision of themselves, or in some cases, find their vision of themselves.

  • Some seek their life purpose
  • Some seek self confidence.
  • Some seek direction.
  • Some seek their voice.
  • Some seek a specific goal.
  • Some seek their dreams.
  • What do you seek?

The process is simple, though not easy.  LQM™ is all about cultivating the courage to dream – boldly, not because dreams are the answer, but because dreams show us what is possible.  On the road of life, dreams are the road, which one’s you drive down will depend on what you choose, and those choices are rooted in what you believe.  So, during LQM™ we will expand your beliefs, because, in the end, you will become what you believe most deeply.

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