Running Towards – Or Running Away?

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These days, everyone seems to be going a hundred miles an hour. Everyone’s running, but not everyone is running in the right direction. Are you running towards your greatness, or away from it?

If all your energy and action is focused on a project that distracts you from a more important issue or goal, that’s essentially the same as running away. It’s counter productive, ineffective and distracting. There is a world of difference between being effective and just looking busy. Often, these distractions look good and even feel good — we are in motion and it seems like we’re getting things done. But they are little more than an excuse to not face our fears. Your time, energy, and resources are limited — everyone has 24 hours in a day. What are you doing with yours? And are you doing the right things, and more importantly, are you letting go of the right things?

How many of your actions are pushing you down the road towards your dreams–and how many are pulling you away?