There’s Magic In The Air

There’s Magic In The AirThere’s magic in the air. This magic is all around us, so ubiquitous that, like water to a fish, we can easily miss it. We might simply NOT notice it.

It shows up in all kinds of forms. Intuition — that feeling in our gut, that small still voice speaking quietly in our head and heart, a “sign” like in Sleepless in Seattle when Meg Ryan’s dress splits and she says “It’s a sign.” Or a literal road side sign that points you in a direction you never knew you wanted to go, like the largest ball of paint, or the future birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk, or in my case a sign that read “Last Remaining Pony Express Station.” You weren’t looking for it, you didn’t know you wanted to go there, and yet that magic, that small still voice nudges you, and before you know it, you turn to your travel partner and inform them you are taking a detour. Then, it leads you on a journey you could never have planned, not with a 1,000 AAA Triptiks (the Google Maps of the early 90’s, for you youngins)

Are you listening? Are you quiet enough to hear?