Over the past several weeks, I’ve introduced you to a powerful framework — applicable to your professional and personal life — called Positive Intelligence™. 

My series of seven blog posts on the subject shows you how to overcome self-sabotage, develop the Mental Fitness you need to achieve more control over your life, and build up your Sage and Self-Command muscles to overcome the notorious Saboteur Interceptor muscle. Plus, we dig into the inner workings of both the 10 Saboteurs and their antidote: the 5 Sage Powers.

Here’s a roundup of the related blog posts, in case you missed any of them:

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  3. How to Develop Mental Fitness With Positive Intelligence™ & the Science of Choice
  4. Exploring Positive Intelligence™: How to Harness the Power of Factor Analysis
  5. Exploring Positive Intelligence™: Fight Like a Jedi and Feed the Good Wolf
  6. Exploring Positive Intelligence™: These 10 Saboteurs Are Out to Get You
  7. Exploring Positive Intelligence™: These 5 Sage Powers Have Your Back

Positive Intelligence really is a game-changer. It helps you develop the mental fitness you need to be the best version of yourself. What’s mental fitness, exactly? It’s your capacity to handle life’s great challenges with a positive mindset rather than being bowled over by stress, anxiety, and frustration. 

It all comes down to what Shirzad Chamine, creator of Positive Intelligence, calls the simplicity of the operating system.

Each of us has an operating system. Positive Intelligence helps us optimize it. Here’s how:

  1. If you’re feeling negative, it’s safe to say you are in Saboteur mode. This is your cue to STOP. Take a pause and…
  2. Do PQ reps to quiet the Saboteur and activate the Sage (to prove you have control — because you CAN and you DO).
  3. Assume the Sage perspective that every problem can be converted into a gift or opportunity.
  4. Generate the gift by using the Sage powers like empathy; curiosity; and calm, clear-headed action (Empathize, Explore, Activate).

You might be wondering, “Is it really possible to do this, even in difficult situations?”

And the answer is yes. ABSOLUTELY. But the speed and depth of the shift depends on your mental fitness. It takes preparation, practice, and strength. But these are all things you can achieve through Positive Intelligence.

Imagine what even a 50% improvement in your mental fitness could mean for your outlook on life — and the satisfaction you take from it!

I’m fortunate to be a trained Positive Intelligence workshop facilitator. And I’m thrilled by the opportunity to bring this important work to life in the lives of others. If you would like to explore Positive Intelligence further, get in touch today; I’d love to connect.


Positive Intelligence™ is trademarked by Shirzad Chamine

Photo by Jeremy Beck on Unsplash