If you’ve ever felt like you just can’t get organized, if your brain feels like spaghetti, if you’re overwhelmed at a problem — many times, the solution is much more simple than we realize:

Write. It. Down. 

The value of getting all the crap out of our heads and onto a piece of paper cannot be overstated. It’s something that seems so small, so obvious, so ‘duh’ that we actually take it for granted — we forget to do it at all! But when we actually buckle down and write our thoughts out?

That’s when things get real.

Once we can look at a problem on paper, we can solve it. When it’s just in our heads, it’s this amorphous blob of a stressor. Different angles haunt and distract us, and we can’t clearly see the root, the beginning, the start — which means we can’t see the end, the solution, the clear route to resolve it.

Taking the time to write the problem out on paper cuts that problem off at the knees. It takes its power away. It makes it into something visible, something understandable, something manageable.

But somehow we convince ourselves that this small choice, this tiny action, won’t make *that* much of a difference, and we don’t do it.

What are you struggling with today? How could writing it out make a difference? 

Give it a try.